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Rising Star Moving Company

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Customer Reviews
A. SkervinA. Skervin
I used Rising Star Moving & Storage for moving things to their storage unit. I liked their responsiveness. They have a nice storage facility. I am still making use of their storage services, and I am paying $30 a month for storage.
(Transcribed from a telephone interview)
D. ViolaD. Viola
Ken the owner, provided two professional movers who packed the moving truck expertly & efficiently. Ken found me a truck to hire then i hired him to pack the truck for my move. I was planning on driving a truck to Florida myself. I would have hired the wrong size truck w/out Ken's advise.
K. WiskK. Wisk
The movers picked up my items in great mills, MD and moved me to Voorhees, NJ. They arrived early! They worked quickly and efficiently.
J. GawthropJ. Gawthrop
In my long life I have moved perhaps ten times and I can truly say that Rising Star Moving did the best and most professional job I have ever had. They arrived twenty minutes before the appointed time fully prepared with blankets and plastic wrapping material and proceeded  to prepare the furniture, some antiques, carefully. When everything was ready they loaded the truck after carrying my belongings down seventeen steps from my second floor apartment to the truck. From there they unloaded to a freight elevator to the sixth floor and took everything to my new digs. The three man crew was ...
Cynthia DygertCynthia Dygert
...I am totally grateful to Jasmeen of U-Haul Storage of Bethlehem Pike for referring me to Rising Star Moving & Storage.  This was the best service experience I have ever had.  Kenneth English has a fabulous operation with a great crew.  If you are considering a move, give Kenneth a call and you too will be delighted.
K. Miller Chalfont, PA.K. Miller Chalfont, PA.
Rising Star Moving, packed and loaded my furniture and belongings. Three helpers, arrived on time and methodically packed my truck until they were done which was approximately 4:00 pm. They did a great job!
Emily Goble from SellersvilleEmily Goble from SellersvilleRead More
We hired this company to move us from my mother's house where we had been living temporarily to our new home. They worked very hard, were very courteous and respectful. We had things to move from a POD and from my parents house. They worked very late and there were no complaints at all.
Elizabeth Brown from Colmar, PA  on 8/28/2013Elizabeth Brown from Colmar, PA on 8/28/2013Read More
Dear  Rising Star Movers,Thank you so much for a positive experience moving my Mom's furniture out of her apartment after she passed away. The circumstances weren't the best, and I was often at the end of my patience, but you made the experience so positive with your consideration, politeness, and hard work. You gave me a firm estimate after a smooth and professional evaluation. You advised me on packing and packing materials. You helped me with storage options. And you and your co-worker wrapped, protected, and moved my Mom's furniture and packed goods smoothly and quickly. You also moved some ...

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Moving Services

If you’re looking for excellent service and a people-friendly approach, then you’ve come to the right place.


Packing Services

Trained professionals come to your home and expertly wrap and pack your items.

Lосаl Mоvіng Quоtе

Apartment Moving

Our team performs hundreds of apartment moving each year and offers these tips for making your apartment move a smooth transition.

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Business Moving

Moving an office involves much more than simply deciding how to arrange the furniture and equipment in your new space.

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Moving Rates

Our commitment to offering expedited services for affordable and competitive rates.

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Moving Tips

When you’re moving your home, you can use all the moving tips you can get.

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Customer Reviews

Read unedited moving reviews from our customers. that’s why we maintain a 97% referral rate. 



The moving resource center was designed to provide the help you need to prepare for moving to a new home.



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